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Bechtel’s Dry Run: Iraqis Suffer Water Crisis

Dahr Jamail was the primary contributor to this report concerning the failure of Bechtel to reconstruct/rehabilitate the water treatment plants it mentioned in its contract. Released by Public Citizen last Spring, the report was sent to the Inspector General of the Department of Defense as well as the Members of the U.S. Senate Armed Services Committee.

Download PDF of Bechtel’s Dry Run: Iraqis Suffer Water Crisis

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Dying for Democracy

Violence and fear is growing in Iraq ahead of next Sunday’s vote. Dahr Jamail, in Baghdad, Foreign Editor David Pratt, in Basra, and Diplomatic Editor Trevor Royle report

“I will not be voting because it is a useless charade,” says Salah Abrahim as he pushes his car towards a petrol station to get fuel in a bustling street in the Karrada district of Baghdad, a sector of the capital city populated primarily by Shia Muslims.

“Any clever person can see that this war and its expenditures would lead to a government that opposes the Americans.”

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