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A collection of Dahr Jamail's reporting on US-occupied Iraq between 2003 - 2009.

Dahr Jamail Speaks in San Francisco

Dahr’s talk at New College was days after his recent return from Iraq and was the beginning of a lecture tour throughout the United States. If you did not have a chance to see one of Dahr’s dozens of US lectures, here is one lecture — in its entirety — produced by the students of New College.

Produced by Greg Miller, Rupert and Jeff Pflueger. Sound edited by Rich Teich.

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Video Available: Testimonies from Falluja

PepperSpray Productions announces a new 33 min video produced in Iraq by independent Iraqi videographers. Dahr Jamail does the English voice-over and is assisting with the video’s dissemination in the US. “Testimonies From Falluja” contains photos and footage from the US assault on Falluja, as well as interviews with Iraqi survivors and refugees.

The US has obstructed – and continues to obstruct – journalists from documenting the horror that was and is Falluja. This video is unique in that it focuses on Falluja, that it was made by a team of independent Iraqi videographers, and that we are able to see it in the US.

The DVD is available for $10 on the PepperSpray Productions website. Funds generated by this video will support further independent reporting from Iraq.

Buy the video from the PepperSpray Productions website

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