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Iraq Execution Spree Under the Spotlight

Spate of executions, mass detentions and alleged torture raise concerns over country’s human rights situation.

Iraq’s vice president Tariq al-Hashemi was sentenced to death in absentia on Sunday (AP)

As Iraq’s political tension ratchets up following the death sentence imposed on its fugitive vice president, human rights groups have expressed fears the Shia-led government may be using state-sanctioned executions to eliminate opponents held in prison.

Stories of torture are also coming from released prisoners and human rights investigators, which directly contradict the claims of Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki’s government.

A spate of executions were carried out last month. Three women were among 21 prisoners executed on August 27 alone. Two days later, five more detainees were put to death. For its part, the government continues the ongoing trend of providing few details about the identity of executed prisoners, or the charges against them.

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