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Imam Assassination Sparks Fears of Violence

The assassination of Sheikh Ghazi Jabouri, a prominent Sunni Imam in the Al- Adhamiya district of Baghdad, has raised fears of renewed sectarian violence in the wake of the Mar. 7 elections. Tensions have been reported in the area following the assassination Wednesday last week. At least two gunmen killed Sheikh Jabouri, 42, as he […]

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Soldier Jailed for Rap Lyrics Is Discharged

Until April 17, US Army Spc. Marc Hall sat in a military brig at Camp Arifjan, Kuwait, facing an imminent court-martial for challenging the US military‚Äôs stop-loss policy in a song. Sunday morning, Spc. Hall was granted a discharge by the military. On December 17, 2009, Hall was jailed for writing a song about the […]

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Iraq Vets: Coverage of Atrocities Is Too Little, Too Late

The WikiLeaks video footage from Iraq taken from an Apache helicopter in July 2007 showing soldiers killing 12 people and wounding two children has caused an explosion of media coverage. But many Iraq vets feel it is too little and too late. In contrast to most of the coverage that favors the military’s stated position […]

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Iraq Election Sets Off New Political Tussle

BAGHDAD – The March elections have only deepened political divisions, and brought more violence. Violent incidents come now amid tensions fueled by post-election arrests of victorious MPs, and disputes over vote fraud. Incumbent Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki has successfully appealed to the Supreme Court to disqualify more than 50 candidates on the opposition list, accusing […]

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