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A Journalist Beaten — One Year Later

It is important to draw our attention to this article by my co-recipient of the 2008 Martha Gellhorn Prize for Journalism, Palestinian journalist Mohammed Omer. -DJ June 26, 2008 is a day I will never forget. For the events of that day irrevocably changed my life. That day I was detained, interrogated, strip searched, and […]

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Soldiers Who Refuse to Fight in Iraq and Afghanistan By Dahr Jamail An award-winning, unembedded journalist tells the hidden story of American soldiers turning against military occupation. “Dahr Jamail’s human portrait of the men and women who turned away from the project of empire should serve as a beacon…The truth they tell demands that we […]

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Destroying Indigenous Populations

The Fort Laramie Treaty once guaranteed the Sioux Nation the right to a large area of their original land, which spanned several states and included their sacred Black Hills, where they were to have “the absolute and undisturbed use and occupation” of the land. However, when gold was discovered in the Black Hills, President Ulysses […]

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