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The Ongoing Occupation of Iraqi Artists

For centuries, artists, writers, and intellectuals have been meeting in Baghdad’s teahouses over tulip-shaped glasses of sweet lemon tea, cigarettes, and shisha pipes. A car bomb detonated near one of the oldest teahouses a year-and-a-half ago, causing massive destruction around the area. When it reopened recently, Mohammed Al-Mumain, a 59-year-old biology teacher resumed his visits […]

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Medical Care At Last, At a Price

BAGHDAD – Prompt medical care is at last on offer in Iraq, for those who can find the dollars for it. “Why would I want to go to government-run hospitals where there is no care, no functioning instruments, long lines, and in the end the same doctor who treats you there can treat you at […]

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Fisherman on Tigris River

A fisherman in Baghdad speaks to Dahr Jamail and Jason Coppola in the shadow of the massive new US embassy on the Tigris River about life during occupation.

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