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The Biggest Hospitals Become Sick

BAGHDAD — Not even the elevators work now at Baghdad Medical City, built once as the centre for some of the best medical care. One of the ten elevators still does, and the priority for this is patients who have lost their legs — and there are many of them. The rest, the doctors, patients […]

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Nazzal/Jamail story voted #1

“Iraq: Not our country to Return to” for Inter Press Service, by Maki al-Nazzal and Dahr Jamail, voted #1 most censored story of 2008 by Project Censored. More information about the story: #1. Over One Million Iraqi Deaths Caused by US Occupation in Top 25 Censored Stories for 2009 Sources: After Downing Street, July 6, […]

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Iraq War Vets Transforming Trauma

MARFA, Texas — By using the written word and art, veterans of the U.S. occupation of Iraq are transforming their trauma into a message of both healing and resistance to the failed U.S. adventure. “If I say nothing, I have failed,” writes veteran Drew Cameron, “If I do nothing, I am guilty. If I live […]

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Dahr on Antiwar Radio

From the intro: Dahr Jamail discusses the Winter Soldier testimonies, the critical dehumanization process in waging war, the intentional tactics the military uses to foment these views, the complete black-out of the Winter Soldier testimonies by the U.S. corporate media, “drop-weapons” used by soldiers to frame dead civilians as enemies in Iraq, lies told […]

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