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Beyond the Green Zone #3 Alternet Best Progessive Books / #1 Staff Pick at Powell’s Books

Alternet Best Progressive Books of 2007 Book experts, AlterNet staff and readers weighed in. Here are the groundbreakers that stood out from the crowd. By Don Hazen, AlterNet 1. The Shock Doctrine by Naomi Klein 2. Blackwater by Jeremy Scahill 3. Beyond the Green Zone: Dispatches from an Unembedded Journalist in Occupied Iraq by Dahr […]

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Violence Draws Veil Over Women

BAQUBA — Conditions are particularly difficult for women in Baquba, despite the relative lull in violence. The city, about 40 km northeast of Baghdad, is capital of Diyala province, amongst the most troubled regions of Iraq in recent months. As in all conflict areas, women, along with children and the elderly, have suffered most. A […]

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Dahr Jamail with Raed Jarrar on Democracy Now!

Dahr Jamail and Iraqi analyst Raed Jarrar interviewed by Amy Goodman of Democracy Now! in response to President Bush’s 2008 State of the Union address. Topics include life on the ground in Iraq today, the appearance of US policy changes toward Iraq, and the much-touted “surge” — including analysis of the US’s new Sunni “allies” […]

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Tomgram: Dahr Jamail, Missing Voices in the Iraq Debate

There’s an old joke in which a fellow natters on endlessly about himself. Finally, he turns to his friend and says, “Well, enough about me, how about you? What do you think of me?” Sometimes, we in the U.S. seem to be that guy. There are so many voices crucial to understanding our world that […]

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