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Iraq by the Numbers: Surging Past the Gates of Hell

As many of you know, I’ve been a regular contributor to since December 2004. Tom Englehart, who runs this fantastic site, has just authored an incredibly telling piece about the current situation, statistically, in Iraq. Here’s a taste of what he writes:

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Beyond the Green Zone – Book Tour

Hello Middle East Dispatches Subscribers– Haymarket Books is pleased to announce the planning of a national speaking tour featuring Dahr Jamail, to coincide with the release of his forthcoming book Beyond the Green Zone: Dispatches from an Unembedded Journalist in Occupied Iraq. The first phase of the book tour will begin Oct. 15th and roughly […]

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Curfew-Bound Fallujah On The Boil Again

FALLUJAH — Strict curfew and tight security measures have brought difficult living conditions and heightened tempers to residents of this besieged city. The siege in this city located 60km west of Baghdad has entered its second month. There is little sign of any international attention to the plight of the city. Fallujah, which is largely […]

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The Bases Are Loaded – A Film by Alternate Focus

Will the U.S. ever leave Iraq? Official policy promises an eventual departure, while warning of the dire consequences of a “premature” withdrawal. But while Washington equivocates, facts on the ground tell another story. Independent journalist Dahr Jamail, and author Chalmers Johnson, are discovering that military bases in Iraq are being consolidated from over a hundred […]

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