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Kurds and Shia Fight for Power in Baghdad

BAGHDAD — A massacre by members of Shia Cleric Muqtada al-Sadr’s Mehdi army on Sunni worshippers earlier this month sparked clashes between patrolling Kurdish militiamen in southwest Baghdad and the Mehdi army, raising tensions that fighting between the groups could spread. Sadr, who emerged from hiding Friday, delivered a fiery anti-occupation sermon at a mosque […]

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“Baghdad is a smashed city…”

Below is an email I have just received from my close friend and translator Abu Talat. While he has fled Baghdad with his family and is now a refugee in Syria, he recently had to return to Baghdad in order to try to salvage what is left of his former life (his car, belongings from […]

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Where Nobody Is Accountable

BAGHDAD — Killings, crime, lack of medical care, collapse of education, the list goes on. But with the occupation by U.S.-led forces now into a fifth year, and a supposedly democratic government in place, no one knows who to hold accountable for all that is going wrong. It is the occupation forces, particularly the United […]

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Curfew Begins to Choke Samarra

SAMARRA — At least 10 residents have died as the result of a curfew imposed by the U.S.-backed Iraqi government, local doctors say. Residents in this city of 300,000 located 125km north of Baghdad have been struggling to find food, water and medical supplies. Vehicles have been banned from entering or leaving the city since […]

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