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Fractured Govt Leads Devastated Country

BEIRUT, Jul 27 (IPS) – Amidst the rapidly worsening situation in Lebanon, the government finds itself too weak and divided to deal either with the Israel or with Hezbollah. In turmoil since the assassination of former prime minister Rafik Hariri in February 2005, the government of this tiny country of 3.8 million has been struggling […]

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A Broken, De-Humanized Military in Iraq

While the deranged chicken-hawks who “lead” the US continue their efforts to wage another unprovoked war of aggression, this time against Iran, what’s left of their already overstretched military continues to be bled in Iraq. When the situation is so critical that even the corporate media is forced to report on it, you know it’s […]

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AP Propaganda About Iraq

But if thought corrupts language, language can also corrupt thought. -George Orwell On Monday, September 18, Associated Press (AP) ran a story titled, “Iraqi tribes fight Insurgency.” At first glance, the average reader cannot be blamed for thinking that this is a story about how tribes in Iraq have decided to take up arms against […]

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Home Raids Provoke Increased Unrest

BAGHDAD, Sep 20 (IPS) – Renewed raids at Iraqi homes by joint U.S.-Iraqi security forces are angering Iraqis — while failing to improve the worsening security situation. “Operation Forward Together should be called ‘To Hell Together’,” 53-year-old Hamid Fassal, an estate broker from the Dora region of Baghdad told IPS, referring to the major U.S.-Iraqi […]

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