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British Troops Beating Iraqi Youth

The UK’s News of the World showed a 2 minute video of British Troops dragging a number of Iraqi youth involved in a protest behind a gate and then violently beating them. The News of the World website states that “The News of the World has a long history of supporting British troops – which […]

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Addition to “Who Benefits?” Post

Al-Arabiya TV reports that on February 22rd, the day of the bombing at the Golden Mosque in Samarra: “Al-Arabiya Television has lost its correspondent in Iraq, Atwar Bahjat, with two other colleagues. Atwar gave the last live dispatch to Al-Arabiya Television at 1500 gmt yesterday. Atwar disappeared after that. The Iraqi Police today confirmed that […]

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Mosque Outrage Also Brings Solidarity

BAGHDAD — Widespread sectarian violence generated by the recent bombing of the Shia Golden Mosque in Samarra has also brought widespread demonstrations of solidarity between Sunnis and Shias across Iraq. The revered Al-Askariyya Mosque in Samarra, 135 km northwest of Baghdad, is one of four sacred places for Shias in Iraq.

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Who Benefits?

The most important question to ask regarding the bombings of the Golden Mosque in Samarra on the 22nd is: who benefits? Prior to asking this question, let us note the timing of the bombing. The last weeks in Iraq have been a PR disaster for the occupiers. First, the negative publicity of the video of […]

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