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Saint Patrick’s Four

The date is March 17, 2003. St. Patrick’s Day and just two days before U.S. bombs began raining down on Baghdad, 40 year-old Teresa Grady, her older sister Clare, Daniel Burns and Vietnam veteran Peter De Mott decided to take action against the impending illegal Anglo-American invasion of Iraq. The group of Catholic Workers from […]

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Check Point Propaganda And Bush’s Mega State of War

“War is not an adventure. It is a disease. It is like typhus.” – Antoine De Saint-Exupery The Voice of America’s Washington DC based bureau daily radio broadcast promotes President Bush’s State of the Union battle cry for global democracy and freedom as the altruistic war weapon against terrorism just as the Central Intelligence Agency […]

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Interview with Karen Kwiatkowski

In July, 2003, Karen Kwiatkowski retired as a lieutenant colonel from the U.S. Air Force, having served since 1978. From May, 2002, to February, 2003, Karen Kwiatkowski served in the Pentagon’s Near East and South Asia directorate (NESA). Dr. Kwiatkowski presently teaches at James Madison University, and writes regularly for Interviewed by Omar Khan […]

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A Town Becomes a Prison

SINIYAH, Iraq, Jan 20 (IPS) – People of Siniyah town 200 km north of Baghdad are angry over a six-mile long sand wall constructed by the U.S. military to check attacks by rebels. “Our city has become a battlefield,” 35 year-old engineer Fuad Al-Mohandis told IPS at a checkpoint on the outskirts of the city. […]

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