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Amy Goodman In Conversation with Dahr on Democracy Now!

April 28, 2005 – Amy Goodman Interviews Dahr Jamail about Iraq in the Democracy Now! firehouse studio. This 20 minute interview is an excellent summary of the situation in Iraq through independent reporter Dahr Jamail’s eyes. Amy talks with Dahr about his perspective on the Abu Gharib prison abuse scandal and the torture that is […]

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This is our Guernica

Robert Zoellick is the archetypal US government insider, a man with a brilliant technical mind but zero experience of any coalface or war front. Sliding effortlessly between ivy league academia, the US treasury and corporate boardrooms (including an advisory post with the scandalous Enron), his latest position is the number-two slot at the state department. […]

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Eyewitness in Iraq: Dahr Jamail, an Unembedded Report

A Pepperspray Production, 28 minutes Dahr Jamail recognized that Americans were being misled about the US occupation of Iraq, so he went to Iraq to find the truth. After being unembedded in Iraq totaling over 8 months, he returned to the States to tell what he discovered. In this video Dahr Jamail speaks of the […]

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Independent journalist Dahr Jamail:“Life in Falluja is a horror story”

Interview with ERIC RUDER, Socialist Worker Magazine April 1, 2005 – DAHR JAMAIL spent eight months working as an independent journalist in Iraq. As one of the few journalists not “embedded” with U.S. forces, his reports earned a reputation for being an uncompromising look at life under occupation. Currently, Jamail is back in the U.S. […]

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