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Sects and Solidarity in Iraq

Despite Talk of Civil War, Sunnis and Shiites Seem More United Than Divided

Baghdad-Wrapped in his brown abaya, Sheik Sayak Kumait al-Asadi, a spokesman in Baghdad for the revered Shiite cleric Grand Ayatollah Ali al-Sistani, is angry and forceful when speaking of both the US occupation and the suffering of the Shiites under the regime of Saddam Hussein. Above him hangs an ornately framed poster of Sistani.

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Dahr Jamail Talks with Mark Manning

Dahr Jamail and Mark Manning were the only two American unembedded journalist inside Fallujah during the two sieges of April and November 2004. Mark Manning spent one week inside Fallujah with a video camera interviewing survivors of the November siege. Hours of video tape documenting the atrocities that occurred in Fallujah were stolen the day Mark returned to the US in a well-timed double break-in that was followed by weeks of intimidation and threats.

In this rare interview, Dahr talks with Mark about Fallujah and recounts the circumstances that journalists face today when reporting on events the US government does not want its citizens to know about.

Recorded and Produced by Neil MacLean 3/5/2005



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David Solnit Interviews Dahr Jamail

Anti war activist David Solnit presents the three pillars that support the Iraq war: Recruitment of more troops, contractors and fighters, the corporations profiting from the war, and the prevalent media disinformation in the US corporate mainstream news. Dahr and David use the pillars to discuss what Dahr has witnessed in Iraq and what we can do in the United States to stop the US war and occupation in Iraq.

Recorded and Produced by Neil MacLean 3/5/2005

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