9/11: The Beginning of the End of the US Empire Project

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Today, it has been 16 years since the events of September 11, 2001, in the United States. Nearly 3,000 people died in the attacks, and more than 6,000 were injured in the spectacular violence across New York, Pennsylvania and Washington, DC.

The Bush/Cheney administration used these horrible events to justify projecting the US empire deeper into the Middle East by invading Iraq, as well as launching into war-torn Afghanistan. They also used the opportunity to pass the so-called PATRIOT act, which amounted to a vicious attack on civil liberties and human rights at home.

Any pretense that the US intended to seek justice or increase world stability via its so-called War on Terror has been dramatically overshadowed by increased global resentment toward the US, which has in fact generated more terror attacks around the world.

It is precisely this legacy that continues today: ongoing US military violence abroad, increased domestic surveillance and repression at home, and a world more violent and less safe for all.

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Welcome to the New World of Wildfires

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As anthropogenic climate disruption continues to speed up, wildfires have scorched millions of acres of forests in the American West, cloaking the Pacific Northwest in smoke for several weeks this summer. Washington State Gov. Jay Inslee declared a state of emergency last week after several coastal areas were engulfed by smoke and ash from fires in Eastern Washington and Montana.

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Mattis and Tillerson Aren’t Mitigating Trump — They’re on a Path of Destruction

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While the media remains focused on Trump, Secretary of Defense James Mattis and Secretary of State Rex Tillerson are often viewed as the “reasonable” members of the administration. In reality, Tillerson has been called “the most ineffectual secretary of state since 1898,” and Mattis oversaw war crimes in Fallujah and Haditha in Iraq. Together, they are spurring murder and environmental demolition worldwide.

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Greenland Is Burning: Wildfires and Floods Surge Worldwide

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Houston is reeling from catastrophic flooding in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey. Meanwhile, flooding from record rainfalls has killed hundreds in South Asia as the rest of the world is experiencing record-high temperatures, drought and wildfires. Yet, mainstream media rarely mentions anthropogenic climate disruption, which marches on, causing some of the worst climate-related humanitarian crises in recent memory.

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